All of us

February 2020 ยท 6 minute read

They will give you cancer. If you ask, they will lie about it. They will lie about it for 50 years. After that, they will awake to a new consciousness, a fresh peaceful self. They will say they want to stop selling you nicotine packaged with cancer. From now on, they will only sell you nicotine in a different shape, one that is appealing to new generation of kids that were not going to be addicts in the first place. They will say everyone needs a fix.

They will cheat and hack all your senses. They will put you on the sugar spectrum. It doesn’t matter where you fit, they have a product for you. They will say a calorie is a calorie. They will say you need to exercise more. They will put you on the salt spectrum. They will say your kidneys and arteries are exploding because you are sedentary. They will say you need to exercise more. They will put you on the fat spectrum. They will create villains and heroes. Aren’t you in it for a fairy tale? They will tell you about the real myth, flavor is a myth. Why would you want nuance, when you can be high in the spectrum.

They will make chemically irrelevant changes to drugs, so that a lawyer can claim patent ownership time after time. They will make you ration your insulin. They will synthesize something so addictive and dangerous that entire tows will go dead. They will force your doctors to prescribe it, even if not needed. They will single-handedly reduce the country’s life expectancy. They will say everyone needs a fix.

They will lie to you on a screen, they will lie to your always attending ear. They don’t actually want your ear to attend too much, so they will sensationalize and summarize and digest. They will keep you dumb, quiet and locked up. They want you busy inside, don’t want you to go outside. Outside is dangerous, they can deliver to you 24 / 7. They want you busy, don’t want you to gather. Other people are dangerous, because everyone out there is just for themselves. Everyone for themselves and they for us all. They are all you need. 24 / 7.

They can’t sell you the real deal, they know it and you know it. But they can sell you the belief of experiencing how the real deal would be like. They can sell you voyeurism. And you are too tempted, just a peak, a peak can’t hurt. But did you really want to? They can sell you anything, and everything you never wanted.

They brainwashed your caste for entire generations. Look at your parents, yourself and your children. If they can’t sell to you directly, they will sell to your family. It’s a win-win situation: your kids will be the user, your parents the beneficiaries. And you? You are the customer. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. They are always thinking about when. When will they sell to you again?

They used to sell you good things, things you bought once. They used to sell you things that were so good that were bad for business. But they are not satisfied with selling to you once and they are certainly not happy about bad business. They made you desire useless crap, the one that was specifically engineered to make you keep buying crap. They carefully scheduled for things to break or become obsolete. If unbreakable, they will cease support or expose security vulnerabilities. And you will radiantly smile while waiting in line under the rain or snow. They will say everyone needs a fix.

They will wrap a plastic container in a paper, on an envelope, on a box, on another box and make you deal with the garbage. They will poison the ocean. They will put hundreds of millions of years of locked carbon into the atmosphere. It’s just cheaper, easier to store and move around. They will call it progress. They want you to keep focusing on polar bears, because nobody gives a shit about fucking polar bears.

They will wave the flag of establishment fighters. They will define themselves by everything they are against of. They will stand for nothing. Good arises from virtue, not in spite of evil. But they don’t care, because you don’t demand virtue, you demand them to label what is evil. They will make up rules and laws for you to abide by, and they will ask for compliance, because they are the establishment. They will ask for a leap of faith, a lifelong suspension of disbelief. They will also ask for a contribution. Because everyone needs a fix.

They will keep governments corrupt, weak, and inefficient. They will use the imposed state of affairs as an alibi to legally avoid taxes. They say everyone needs a break, a tax break. They say they can handle money better than the government. Besides, who wants to share anyway? They will encourage you should do your part, if you get to take a little piece of your little cake back, they can get a big piece of their big cake back. They will say they pass this tax discount on to their customers and workers. That’s what they will say.

If somebody else has things they want, you will get to be a patriot and go play war. Too old? They will send your kids to war. War means good news. They will profit by going and profit again from the aftermath. They will do all this and anything in their power, and when the things they want are outside their powers, they will bend the powers that prevent them from doing business. And you will keep buying whatever they sell.

They will create distorted bubbles, eco chambers. They will have the smartest minds of our generation chasing ad carrots. They will have the less smart minds chasing token carrots. They will connect whatever computer with another in a fraction of a second. And we’ll feel as isolated as never before. They will break every single one of us. They will then say everyone needs a fix.

You will scream and kick and throw punches. You will read and write about the clusterfuck of it all. How dare them, you will ask. You will go over it again, and again, and again. And it will all be worthless.

You will believe everyone is in it for themselves. You will chant whatever broken record they implanted in you. You will cheer for their movies, hyperventilate for their releases, and clap after their speeches. You will tattoo their logo onto your skin and strike a pose about it. Maybe that picture will help you collect even more token carrots. But you will seldom grab a mirror. You will seldom look at your moral compass. You will seldom look at anything outside your phone. You will keep your eyes shut.

Them is us. All of us.