June 2020 ยท 1 minute read

After that thought settled, she realized she would never see the world the same way again. She realized there was no going back after Lasik. Her eyesight was gone forever. The world was pitch black and quiet. She didn’t really know where she was, she had the feeling of being seated, though she couldn’t tell for sure. She wasn’t deaf but the silence was more disturbing than the lack of vision.

She did a few calculations to try to reassure herself. She would learn to navigate the world again, that was for sure. Well, maybe some day, but not today. Today the trauma was too real.

So she sat, or believed to be sitting, contemplating her past and wishing it was already her future. A knock on the door pulled her back. There was a door. She was in a place with a door and whenever Destiny calls to your door, you better be ready to answer, she thought.

Slowly, she approached to the door, her hand waving, clearing the path ahead. There was nothing to clear, but she moved slowly, mistakenly expecting trouble on the way. She finally touched the cold metal doorknob. She was ready to meet her Fate at the other side.

Heaven was bright.